Dr. Who? No, Dr. Pretzel.

Pretzels come in all sizes and textures, but only one pretzel shape.  That’s me:  Sometimes tough, sometimes soft, but always twisted.

I’m a philosophical sort who likes to comment on the state of the world in general.  This blog is unclassifiable.  I might post recipes, talk about firing a weapon, even discuss parenting.  Or I might complain about politics or the way people generally piss me off.  I might even let you into my personal life a little bit and talk about what I’ve experienced and how it’s shaped me.

It’s really anybody’s guess, because when you’re talking about someone as eclectic and twisty as me, you never know.  Stick around and find out.


3 Responses to Dr. Who? No, Dr. Pretzel.

  1. Dr. Mark Pretzel says:

    I couldn’t help but notice your website…

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