I Miss Real News

Okay, our TV wasn't quite this cool

When I was a kid, every night at 6pm, (right after “Jeopardy”) my grandmother, great-grandmother and I would watch the news.  The news went in the same order every night, the top stories, local news, sports and weather.  After that, the national news came on, then “Wheel of Fortune.”  Sweet, sweet memories.  Thank you, Pat Sajak, for teaching me about vowels before I ever learned about them in public school.

Right.  Anyway…

I was reminiscing today about the news of my childhood.  It was so different from the “news” today.  In this world of 24-hour, instant gratification and instant information, a real reporter is hard to find.  When you turn on one of the major news outlets (who will remain nameless here so I don’t end up being sued), what you find today are talk show hosts entertaining their audiences by opining on topics which are lacking in substance or fact.

What happened to the reporters?

"Jeopardy!? Heck yeah!"

Reporting the news used to be an art.  A reporter was to explain the situation fully, yet succinctly, and include none of his or her own opinion or bias in doing so.  It was once up to the viewer to interject their own personal opinions as they saw fit.

I am thoroughly annoyed by the lack of consideration that networks now have for their audience.  I am perfectly capable of forming my own opinions without having to filter the story out of the biased ramblings of a commentator (they cannot call them “newscasters” or “reporters” anymore, because they simply aren’t).  We can hardly tell what is true or false on these news channels anymore…and the only way we can determine what actually happens in the House or Senate is to watch it happening directly on CSPAN!  Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to fall asleep…er…I mean watch this particular channel so I can report the news back to myself.  And I shouldn’t have to…that’s what reporters and newscasters are for!

So, this is my plea:  If any of my faithful readers are aware of a real, non-biased reporter or newscaster (from ANY type of media outlet), please…tell me who they are!  I need my real news fix.

We Miss You, Mr. Cronkite


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5 Responses to I Miss Real News

  1. Guy says:

    you know I really do not remember news from childhood…I remember watching wholesome programming but not so much the news…I really didnt become interested in the news until I started to think about my own world views. Now, I just want news that is “Fair and Balanced” ba da bum…LOL.

  2. K. Syrah says:

    I’ve got nothing… I can’t think of a single good journalist.

  3. KillaCam says:

    The real fun is watching the three news channels and watching the commercials. It tells you where the channel’s money is coming from and who they are actually trying to target.

    My personal favorite is the one on Fox News. “Hi! G. Gordon Liddy here and I want to talk to you about gold investing!” The only reason to have G. Gordon Liddy in an ad is if you were specifically targeting right wing political junkies.

  4. Antares says:

    Linked here through your comment. Similar sentiments. What happened to reporting?

  5. AJ says:

    I would nominate a guy from my regional network but I doubt you’re that interested in the traffic reports.

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