All I Want for Christmas is…

BAH! Humbug!

To skip it completely.

Am I the only one?

I am utterly sick of Christmas in the commercial, buy, buy, buy, blow up ornaments on the lawn (I’m sorry, they look like crap), all-about-the presents sense.

Don’t get all pissy about “the reason for the season,” or “giving back to the community.” I’m not religious, and I give back to my community every time I put on a uniform. I love traditions, but it seems that I hardly have the time nor do I have the funds to keep them up.

Christmas is all about filling the expectations of others…and I hate the expectations of others. If I could, I’d skip it. And that is exactly what I plan on doing when I have no more kids in the house. The very first year they are all moved out, I’m going on vacation.

I think that will be around December, 2020. Who’s with me?

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Student of philosophy and medicine, mother of 2 Creatures of Mass Destruction (a.k.a. "boys"), Soldier, sister, daughter, friend, cat person, social inept, INTJ, blah, blah, blah...are you even reading this?
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10 Responses to All I Want for Christmas is…

  1. Brian Gillum says:

    On a similar vein…did you happen to notice that Yahoo’s main page News item one is the 18 most decorated homes. Really? Rather than an ostentatious display of ho much debt you are willing to inur on your electric bill, how about using some of that $ for lights and decorations and the power that they require and put that into something for a less fortunate soul or 12.

    I HATE the commercialization of holidays…this one most of all.

    • drpretzel says:

      I’ve heard over and over how much rice a dollar can buy a starving kid. While I fully support the freedom of the person with the money to spend it as they wish, it seems kind of silly sometimes that there are children starving while they’re out buying handmade gift tags to put on their iPads and DSi’s.

      It’s a conundrum.

      • Brian Gillum says:

        Oh I’m not saying they need to buy a village in Africa a well in the desert. But there had to be something a Tad more worthy than light pollution and neighborhood blight.

  2. Brian Gillum says:


  3. Riley Carson says:

    Shit, I go on vacation now just because I want to hibernate for the winter.

    • drpretzel says:

      Exactly! I was excited when I awakened this morning because we’re supposed to have a high of 41’F and I can finally get my bulbs in the ground, because that’s a little warm for Missouri winter!

  4. AJ says:

    Where is this vacation? Anyplace good?

    • drpretzel says:

      I’m thinking someplace tropical. Perhaps India. As I plan on getting back to Europe before the kids are out of the house, I’m considering an Asian vacay as my first Christmas without the kids.

  5. Majeh85 says:

    I never really got the hang of holidays. The only thing I like about them is the candy that’s really only widely available during them. Halloween it’s candy corn, Christmas it’s some of the candycanes and chocolates, Easter it’s the Cadbury egg. And, with the exception of Christmas, I’ve managed to make myself sick on the candies offered. Otherwise I could care less for them.
    I’m with you, as long as I can still get the candies. 🙂

    • drpretzel says:

      I’m a big fan of the Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Anything you have to beat on something to break apart before you eat it has to be good.

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